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extremely competitive price
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Competitive Pricing - Heyday WT-1 (Seats 9 people)

  • Due to conflicts, Gephardt Boat Rentals has a 3-day minimum rental period

  • 3-5 Day Boat Rental: $375/day

  • 6+ day Boat Rental: $325/day

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2016 Heyday WT-1 - The ULTIMATE boat for wake sports

  • POWERFUL Crusader Challenger 5.7 liter 350Hp

  • Built in, 1200 lbs water Ballast system allows you to change the size of the wake, for beginners or pros

  • Zero-off cruise control allows you to set the speed at 11 mph for beginners, or 20 mph for those trying to catch air. No more inconsistent guess-work, crucial for wake sports  

  • Custom dash with android tablet gives crucial read outs of the boats engine data recordings. 

  • Unique 117 degree transom angle creates a beautiful competition grade surf

  • Extended beam in the bow makes for a tremendous amount of usable space in the cabin

  • Adjustable seats allow for lounging facing to the bow or aft

  • Massive storage compartment

  • Adjustable steering wheel and multi-gauge consul allows you to create your optimal wave

  • Sun pad in the bow makes for wonderful sun-bathing when boats at rest 

  • Tower with Wet Sounds Audio Bar 

  • Bimini top for shade on hot and sunny days

  • Two-sponsons at the front of the boat allow the boat to take on large waves without taking on water while returning to the rider

  • Center Helm station with bolstered seating 

  • Sea Dek 'non-slip' flooring

  • Front & rear facing seating with adjustable back rests

  •  Uniquely engineering fiberglass Hull design for maximized wake production

  • Guide poles on trailer make for easy loading/offloading