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Owner of Factum MMA/CrossFit to start Gephardt Boat Rentals LLC

The same person who brought you Factum MMA/CrossFit is starting a new business venture, a boat livery service named Gephardt Boat Rentals LLC. Gephardt Boat Rentals promises to bring the same customer satisfaction, attention to detail and affordability to the boat livery service that is .

Gephardt Boat Rentals has finalized a purchase of their first vessel, a brand new Heyday WT-1 wakeboarding/ski boat specifically designed to give the wakeboarder, water skier, wake-surfer, tuber or knee-boarder everything they need. The flagship will comprise of a 1200 lbs ballast designed to create a massive wake for jumping, or an even larger wake for surfing. The 350-hp Heyday has a cruise control setting, allowing drivers of the boat with the ability to maintain the perfect speed for their rider, whether that’s 11 mph for a beginner, or 20 mph for pros, the WT-1 provides the perfect ride for whatever the skill level.

The business plans to take bookings as early as May 1st, 2018 with a season ending in early October. Pricing appears to be the most affordable in the Salt Lake County market, with daily rentals as low as $350/day for 2017 boats.

Currently, the excessive demand in the boat rental industry in the Salt Lake Valley far exceeds the supply, leaving a tremendous opportunity for Gephardt Boat Rentals to enter this emerging market.

Gephardt Boat Rentals in Salt Lake City

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