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5 Best Wakeboarding Lakes near Salt Lake City, Utah

As Christmas nears us and lakes freeze over, you’re probably dreaming of that warm Summer sun. This list will provide you with the best wakeboarding spots for the start of the season and the best lakes for that week away in July!

#1 Lake Powell


Not a lake at all, this man-made reservoir provides the best summer-time getaway. Located on the Arizona/Utah border, Lake Powell provides the single most picturesque water-sports haven in the country! Matador Network named Lake Powell it’s #1 “sickest” wakeboarding spots in the USA. Accessible as early as April (March if you’ve got a wetsuit), Lake Powell is the warmest of the major bodies of water in Utah. The beauty of the high red rock makes for magnificent views, and it’s remoteness makes for a lake that is not nearly as crowded as you might expect. Lake Powell is the perfect place to spend a week away from it all: wakeboarding, wakesurfing, kayaking, fishing or just floating with a tube and a beer.

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#2 Flaming Gorge

Located on the border of Utah and Wyoming, this might be the best wakeboarding hideaway in the world. Take a scenic 3-hour drive through Wyoming to find the most reclusive Lake near Salt Lake City. It seems like Flaming Gorge is Utah’s best kept secret. Camp near the shore and rise with the sun for the best “riding glass” in the state, with hardly any other boats on the water to chop it up.

It’s massive 200,000 acres of land and water provides enough space to camp alone and boat alone. Bring your wetsuit, because even in the height of summer Flaming Gorges water stays cool. This cool water is a fantastic breeding ground for trout.

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#3 Jordanelle

While Jordanelle doesn’t provide remoteness, it is the best lake for a 1-day getaway with your boat. Located just 40 minutes from Gephardt Boat Rentals LLC in Midvale, UT, Jordanelle is a great place to wakeboard, wakesurf, tubing, kayaking or BBQin’ on the beach!

#4 Strawberry Reservoir

Known as Utah’s Trout fishing capital, Strawberry is also a fantastic place to put down a Heyday and catch some “sick air”. Bring your wetsuit, because this lake is COLD, but if you can tough out the cool temperature, you’ll be the only one riding, which provides for some amazingly smooth riding. Like Lake Powell, this reservoir provides a veritable maze of scenic byways to get lost amongst. Also, located just 40 minutes from Midvale, this lake is a great 1-day or 2-day getaway.

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#5 Sand Hollow

Probably Utah’s warmest lake, Sand Hollow’s beautiful red rock provides the same scenic beauty as Lake Powell, without the big crowds. The sand dunes juxtaposed with the lake allow you to bounce between your ATV and your Heyday WT-1 wakeboarding boat as well as easy camping with plenty of space.

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