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What is wakesurfing? And why is it such a blast?!

Most people have heard of wakeboarding, the incredibly fun sport of being towed behind a boat in an attempt to catch the “sickest” air. A relatively new phenomenon is the concept of Wakesurfing. While wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding and in many ways is a spin-off of wakeboarding there are dramatic differences regarding equipment and how it is performed.

The primary difference between the two sports is that in wakeboarding the rider is being physically pulled by the boat while holding a tow-line. In wakesurfing, the rider can typically start a ride with a tow-line, he/she will ditch the rope and will be pushed by the wake (wave on some boats). While this concept is not entirely new, the equipment has evolved to match the interest in the sport. At Gephardt Boat Rentals, our new-age Heyday WT-1 has a 1200 lbs ballast that the helmsman can fill on only the port side, creating a wave on the port side wake.

The concept of being pushed by a wave is of course not new. The thrill of being pushed by a wave is similar to that of riding waves in the ocean. What sets wakesurfing apart is the duration of a ride, followed by a relatively short wait for your next ride after you bail. No longer will the surfer have to spend hours paddling for a few exhilarating moments. Instead the surfer must simply stand up, and ride behind the boat. Surfers can learn to ride on a consistent wave, thus allowing them to gain control and confidence enough to try various tricks and techniques. One could draw similar parallels between snowboarding and wakeboarding, insomuch the snowboarder must bare the elements on the chair lift up, just to catch a few moments of air on the way down. In wakeboarding, the jump is always there and it’s consistent.

What also sets wakesurfing apart is the equipment. After the rider ditches his rope, he rides a much lighter board, generally without bindings. He also rides close to the boat at a slower speed. This slow boat and proximity allows surfing to be substantially more social than wakeboarding.

Wakesurfing is an absolute thrill and needs the correct equipment. Luckily, here at Gephardt Boat Rentals LLC our Heyday WT-1 provides the perfect wave on either the port or starboard side. Every rental comes fully equipped with a wakesurfing board!

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