Why are Bareboat Charters Better?

Simply put, bareboat charters mean that you are in charge of your rental.  No captain needed, no extra staff, just take the boat where you believe it should go! 

Bareboat Charters Allow You to Take the Boat Where You Want

At Gephardt Boat Rentals, we believe that your experience should take you where you want to go.  Anything from a few days at Jordanelle or Strawberry, to a week-long trip to Lake Powell, you are not reliant on a staff member to tell you where to go.  Pick any freshwater lake in Utah, and get your boat on the water.

What Comes with My Boat Rental?

Everything is covered!  1 Wakeboards, 1 Wake-surfboard, 1 pair of water skis, anchor lines, life jackets, dock-bumpers, bow lines and of course, the boat!

Save Some Money with Bareboat Boat Hires

Renting a boat is expensive, but it's made so much more so when a staff member is involved.  Staff can cost as much as $500 for the day. When you do a bareboat boat hire, you can use that money for an extra day or two on the water, or just keep it in your pocket.

Gives you the Thrill of Being the Captain

Anyone who has been at the helm knows the adrenalin rush of pushing that throttle down.  Being in control of a boat with that much horse power is exhilarating.  Don't lose out on that experience, and let yourself be the Captain!